Genealogy of the Rittger Family from Kleinwallstadt, Bavaria, Germany
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Franz Anton Rittger's Home
#9 Amstgasse
Kleinwallstadt, Bavaria, Germany

This is the home of Franz Anton Rittger (1817-1882) on Amstgasse in Kleinwallstadt. I visited in 2006 and took this photo. My cousin Paula Ritger Swenson visited a few years later and managed to get invited inside. She was given a few bits of pottery which were found in the basement. Franz Anton Rittger's son, Peter Julian Ritger, shortened his name by a 't' and brought his pottery skills with him to Newark, NJ where he started Ritger Excelsior Pottery. Peter Julian Ritger was Paula's and my great grandfather.

Included Branches of the Rittger/Ritger Genealogy:
Descendants of Christmann Rittger of Kleinwallstadt
Descendants of Adam Ritger of Bavaria / Baltimore, Maryland, USA


Welcome to my genealogy web site. Here you will find information on over 22,000 people spanning over 26 generations including Rittger's as far back as Christmann Rittger born in Kleinwallstadt, Bavaria in the early 17th Century and including other families even further back such as Peter Wyßman who was born in Niedernberg, Bavaria in the early 1400's. It has taken decades to gather all of this information and I'm willing to share everything I have but I do ask that if you can make a link or can expand these genealogies further please let me know. This site has tools that should make searching easier and you can help me make updates and edits to information you find by simply entering the data and sending in the suggestions. I'll check your proposed changes and post the changes as soon as I can.

Special thanks to those who have contributed in the efforts to gather all of this information. Much of the information for the Wisconsin Ritger's comes from the work of Alfred G. Straub from his work published in 1973 and subsequent revisions and updates by August "Gus" Lang. Together they assembled "A Genealogy of the Frankfurth, Bavaria / Wisconsin / New Jersey & Virginia Ritger Families - 1978". Jay Scott German has also helped to expand this tree and Leon J. Straub has picked up where his father left off.

Many thanks to everyone else who contributed to the information found here including : Herbert Rittger, Thomas Rittger, Ernst Rittger, Paul David Ritger, Willi Diener, Marilyn Smith Burns, Clifford Heiss, Ellen Murray, David Ritger, Stephen Ritger, Joyce Ritger Papi, Guy Rittger, John Ritger, James Burkart, Michael McCormick, Ethel Pillman and many others.

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Ritger Excelsior Pottery
495 Fifth Street
Newark, New Jersey, USA

Peter Julian Ritger left Kleinwallstadt in the late 1860's and immigrated to Newark, New Jersey. He started his own pottery business which eventually employed about a dozen people, mostly his family. Peter married Friederika Hinderer in 1871 and raised his family in the house next door to the pottery factory.

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