Genealogy of the Rittger Family from Kleinwallstadt, Bavaria, Germany
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Valentine Ritger Family - Virginia
Valentine Ritger Family - Virginia

Welcome to my genealogy web site. Here you will find information on over 22,000 people spanning over 26 generations including Rittger's as far back as Christmann Rittger born in Kleinwallstadt, Bavaria in the early 17th Century and including other families even further back such as Peter WyƟman who was born in Niedernberg, Bavaria in the early 1400's. It has taken decades to gather all of this information and I'm willing to share everything I have but I do ask that if you can make a link or can expand these genealogies further please let me know. This site has tools that should make searching easier and you can help me make updates and edits to information you find by simply entering the data and sending in the suggestions. I'll check your proposed changes and post the changes as soon as I can.

Special thanks to those who have contributed in the efforts to gather all of this information. Much of the information for the Wisconsin Ritger's comes from the work of Alfred G. Straub from his work published in 1973 and subsequent revisions and updates by August "Gus" Lang. Together they assembled "A Genealogy of the Frankfurth, Bavaria / Wisconsin / New Jersey & Virginia Ritger Families - 1978". Jay Scott German has also helped to expand this tree and Leon J. Straub has picked up where his father left off.

Many thanks to everyone else who contributed to the information found here including : Herbert Rittger, Thomas Rittger, Ernst Rittger, Paul David Ritger, Willi Diener, Marilyn Smith Burns, Clifford Heiss, Ellen Murray, David Ritger, Stephen Ritger, Joyce Ritger Papi, Guy Rittger, John Ritger, James Burkart, Michael McCormick, Ethel Pillman and many others.

Be warned that although I've done my best to correct errors of all kinds there are likely many more contradictions, inconsistencies, errors and issues left to be uncovered by you. If you are doing research check multiple sources - don't rely on my data as being perfect.

Please contact me if you can donate information, help with a correction, have a question, or would just like to say 'hi'. I'm Robert Charles Ritger and you can send me an email at bob@ritger.com.


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6 December 2015 - Updated database, added 50+ documents

26 July 2015 - Installed new mod which has allowed me to upload hundreds of source documents including census pages, city directories, military records and more. Over 500 new documents are now available!

8 February 2015 - Uploaded new data with many additions and edits

28 July 2014 - Uploaded new data with many additions and edits

09 March 2014 - Database Updated and updated to Version 10.0.1 of TNG software

14 February 2014 - Updated to Version 10 of TNG software - Check out the site on your mobile device!

18 January 2014 - Another database update incorporating changes suggested by the many emails which you have sent to me. All suggested changes that I could verify with another source have been included - thanks everyone!

1 January 2013 - I've updated the database with new information, corrected hundreds of place names, added many headstones, a few more photos and even a few videos. More to come. Happy New Year!

27 Nov 2012 - Upgraded my site and gave it a new look. Let me know what you think.

15 July 2006 - Visit to Kleinwallstadt, Germany

Danke Kleinwallstadt! I had a fantastic time visiting Kleinwallstadt, Germany in July of 2006. I met over 30 Rittger descendants and relatives during my visit. We had a grand reunion at the Gasthof Zur Traube thanks to Edgar Rittger. Many thanks to Herbert and Thomas Rittger for helping me with everything from finding a hotel to translating the lunch menu. Thanks to Helmuth Rittger who welcomed me at the Rathaus and gave me a number of gifts as mementos of my trip. Thanks also to Robert Rittger for giving me a memorable photo and for tracking down the pastor to get a copy of an old town map. I was overwhelmed with the hospitality and friendliness of everyone I met and look forward to the next time we get together.

Kleinwallstadt was everything I expected and more. It is a small town that has not changed much over the years. Although doors and windows may have been moved around in the old Rathaus a few times and Ss. Peter and Paul's church has been expanded, the charm and character of the town is completely in tact. The home of my great-great grandfather Franz Anton Rittger appears as though it hasn't changed since he lived there on Amtsgasse almost 200 years ago. My favorite memories from my trip, however, will be those of the people I met there. I feel quite proud to have family ties to such wonderful people and to such a charming and peaceful place.

I took many photos on my journey. Check them out and don't hesitate to send me your thoughts. You can find a slideshow here or you can view the photos one by one with my comments by clicking here.

Did you know...

...a couple of Ritger families can trace their roots back to Charles Bulfinch, the architect of the U. S. Capitol in Washington, DC and the State House in Boston, Massachusetts. Charles Bulfinch's nephew Joseph Coolidge married Eleonara Wayles Randolph who is the grand daughter of Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the United States.